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Literature by byzho

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February 6


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Ungrounded, floating on the whispers of a memory,
Secretly kindling the tantrums of one’s victory.
Faint yet chaotic render of pure rage tapping, striking,
A symphony of fire, a sonata of the land burning.

Hel is thy mistress, ruling the maddening underworld,
Leisure in your rotting vessel, a ritual for the undefeated Gods.
Hel, gazing upon your flesh, your tormented world.
Calling upon thy reclining faith from a river following the odds.

Yet still ungrounded, still balancing on the edge of a ripping tapestry.
An emblazing relic digging in your palm, between blood and atrophy,
Runic treasures and charms hidden under your broken armor,
Hailing her Cimmerian name, at last lifting the valiant Hammer.
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XomegaXX Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This actually almost perfectly translates into the epic poetry format the Norse used to immortalize their pantheon. 
Also, no one remembers poor Hel, doomed to die forever.

Your meter is wonderful. Your rhyming is scintillating.
Stephanie-van-Rijn Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thank you very much, very happy it pleases you!
JohnHorrordude Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
Stephanie-van-Rijn Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Professional General Artist
thanks :)
IX-Ansasi Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Student General Artist
love how you make the words flow and connect, its easy to move with the words from the first to the last, beginning and end. To use imagery and concepts from Asatru to express yourself so fluently makes this poem stand out for me, well done.
Stephanie-van-Rijn Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Professional General Artist
thank you very much
GimmsAlternative Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Good God! This is the most AMAZING poetry I've ever read, and I've read Shel Silverstein. O_O Such amazing analogies and descriptions, and very far in depth with the vocabulary, this poem stands out more than I thought possible! I also love the sense of duality used! :D PERFECT! :D :D :D 
Stephanie-van-Rijn Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thank you so much, really!
GimmsAlternative Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You're very welcome. :) I have a question. I, being a poet myself, have been awe-struck by your talents and have spawned an idea; I was wondering if maybe you could help me with something. I've had this concept lurking in the back of my mind for quite some time now, but have yet to find the right person to include until now. I write free verse poems, but because that is the only way I can usually. See, I write off the top of my head; I think of one line, and just bounce whatever sounds good off of that. I do not COMPLETELY write out of random, I do keep to a topic. Anyway, on to the question: Would you be willing to write half of a poem and allow me to write the second half, then another vice versa? I will not exclude your credit in the writing, because you'll probably write the better half anyway. :P I just want to test my ability to throw myself into a topic I know nothing about and continue with it, and maybe you could test this as well, IF you want- It's up to you. :) (Sorry for the paragraph)
Stephanie-van-Rijn Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thats a great I idea, unfortunately I don't have enough time in my schedule to permit me to do it :S
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